How do you pick stocks? 

We do not pick stocks or stock pickers (most mutual funds).  We believe there's a better way to generate good returns than by picking stocks.  By efficiently capturing the performance from each asset class, we can engineer a portfolio, with less risk and lower cost, to achieve the returns you need.  For more information, view our investment process.

What are your prices? 

In the interest of transparency, we've made all of our fees available on our site. Please let us know if you have any additional questions regarding our fees. 

Are you a fiduciary? 

Yes we are. 

Do I need to move over all my assets?

Not necessarily. Most clients do, but we look at every client and every situation independently. In order for the relationship to work, it has to make sense for everyone involved. For more information, check out this detailed breakdown of our process.

How often do we need to meet? 

After each client has been brought in and we know what we're working with, we arrange meetings in advance, at intervals set by the client. This ensures progress at a pace the client is comfortable with. 

More questions? 

Request a consultation and let us show you the difference in partnering with OG.