The term “wealth management” has been used to the point of over-saturation, with even those claiming to be “wealth managers” unaware of what it truly means.

At OG, wealth management is a consultative process used to first fully understand our clients’ needs, then deliver effective, customized solutions. To help further explain wealth management, we’ve boiled it down to a simple formula. 

Wealth Management = IC + AP + RM


Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting addresses a common concern we hear from clients, which is how to structure and invest their liquid assets. Our main focus is to help them make intelligent financial decisions that align with their goals and values.

For more information, visit our Investment Consulting page, or get in touch with us.


Advanced Planning

There are four areas of wealth management that are frequently talked about by our competitors, but rarely delivered upon. These elements fall under the umbrella of our Advanced Plan and include:

  • Wealth Enhancement (tax planning)
  • Wealth Transfer (estate planning)
  • Wealth Protection (asset protection)
  • Charitable Giving


Relationship Management

This element is what allows us to provide true wealth management to our clients. It’s broken down into two vital parts: 

  1. The planning process to ensure that we stay on track to accomplish all of our clients' goals. 
  2. Our interactions with other professionals in our community. 

While we pride ourselves on being experts in investment consulting, there are areas of specialized knowledge for which we’ve built a strong team of experts to provide. This includes private client attorneys, insurance experts, and CPAs. We leverage their expertise to help us ensure we're creating the best possible plan for our clients.